the Review of My Seating for All Games of the 30 Ballpark 30 Day tour

Two weeks from tonight, my 30-ballpark, 30-day journey begins. The question is, which seats are the best and worst? I can’t provide that perspective as someone who is blind, but perhaps fans can look at the seating in the various ballparks and give their opinions. Remember that you can follow the game by game updates at by just liking the page.

Clearly the best seat will be Kansas City, for reasons that I will discuss shortly, as I will go down this list in the order of games attended.

I start with the Texas Rangers game on April 29, where I will be joined by nine friends. We are in the upper reserve, section 326, row 22, seats 1-10. I believe this puts us near home plate, off on the first-base side.

April 30, seven friends join me for the Houston Astros home game, where we will be seated in section 319, row 6, seats 1-8. From what I can gather, it appears that we are closer to the plate, but on the third-base side.

May 1 takes me to the Atlanta Braves game where I’m joined by a family of five, that family being my former English teacher my senior year of high school when I lived in Texas. We are in section 205L, row 16, seats 105-110. I could not tell where we were located in relation to the field, though I believe we are at least on the infield, could someone help me with this one?

May 2, it is on to St. Louis where I will be attending the first of 18 games on my own. I am seated in section 450, row 4, seat 13. While I’m higher up here, it appears that I am in the section directly behind home plate, if the online descriptions are accurate.

May 3, on to Kansas City for what will clearly be the best seat. This is because I am doing an all-inclusive tour which includes a premium seat on field level right behind home plate. It is so exclusive, that I was given a letter to present when I get to Kaufman Stadium and then I’ll be given the ticket for access to that entire area for the entire game. Again, going solo here.

May 4, it is on to Florida for the first of two separate trips, as the marlins, Rays, and Braves were the only teams I could not line up back-to-back as I had hoped I could. The stop on this date is St. Petersburg where I’ll attend the Rays game. Here, while up a bit higher, I have a seat that again appears to be right behind home plate, section 300, row D, seat 12.

May 5 takes me to the northeast for the next six dates. On Cinco de Mayo, I am at Citi Field where I am again solo. My Mets ticket is in section 413, row 3, seat 5, high up but again it appears right behind the plate and maybe just a hair over to the first-base side.

May 6, I ride the train down to DC for the nationals game that night. Again going solo, I am seated in section 314, row J, seat 8. Am I correct in the determination that I am just off to the first-base side of home plate in Nationals park?

May 7, I am joined by my wife’s cousin and her husband as we go to Baltimore. At Oriole park at Camden yards, we are seated in the lower reserve, section 31, row 12, seats 3-5. I assume we are on the infield, but where are we in relation to home plate?

May 8, I go solo and return north, stopping at Philadelphia. For the Phillies game that night, I am seated in section 319, row 6, seat 23. I am closer to home plate, but it appears on the first-base side.

May 9, back to New York where this time I am joined by a friend for the Yankees game. We are seated in section 420-C, row 13, seats 11-12. It appears I am again right behind home plate, maybe just a hair off to the third-base side, someone confirm please?

May 10, on to Fenway park, joined by a friend and a guest of her’s, so we are a party of three. This will be a wonderful stop for me, my first time to Boston and a reunion with a dear friend who read at our wedding last summer. We are in the infield grandstand, section 26, row 18, seats 20-22. If I am reading correctly, that puts us on the third level at Fenway and about half way between home and third-base.

May 11, back on the plane for a longer connecting flight, destination Minnesota. That night, I attend the Twins game solo at Target Field, seated in section 211, row 1, seat 17. I am not sure where I am in relation to home plate here, though I think I am between home and first-base. Someone help.

May 12, out to Arizona where I join a longtime friend and her husband for the Diamondbacks game that evening. We are seated in section 314, row 4, seats 8-10. From what I can read online, it appears we are near the plate, on the first-base side.

May 13 takes me to California, first stop Oakland where I am going solo. For the Athletics game, I am in section 217, row 4, seat 11. I am not clear as to my placement in relation to home plate, just that I am on the infield, can someone help here?

The next evening May 14, I am in San Francisco. For the Giants game, again going solo, I am in section 312, row 14, seat 14. Here, it appears based on what I can read that I am on the first-base side, closer to first than home-plate but still on the infield. Can someone confirm this?

May 15, I head down to southern California, first stop at Dodger Stadium. My ticket as I am again solo, is in the infield reserved area on the 400 level of the stadium, section 4, row H, seat E. From what I am reading, am I correct in assuming that I am fairly close to home plate, on the third-base side?

May 16, I join a friend for the Padres game in San Diego. Here we are right behind home plate, section 300, row 12, seats 14-15.

May 17, the same friend will go with me to the Angels game up in Anaheim. Here, we are seated in section 221, row G, seats 11-12 and it appears from what I can read that we are closer to home plate on the third-base side.

May 18, after an overnight flight, I rest and then attend baseball action in Toronto. For the blue Jays game that night, another friend is joining me. Our seats are in section 221R, row 4, seats 1-2. I cannot tell how close we are to home or on which side of the infield we are positioned based on what I could read, asking for help here.

May 19, it is down to Detroit. While I am meeting a friend for dinner after the game, I’m going solo to the Tiger game that afternoon. My seat is a great one based on what I could read, section 324, row A, seat 9, which is the club seating on the front rows of the 300 level at Comerica Park. I am in the very front row, about half way between home and first-base.

May 20, it is out to Denver where I am meeting another experienced ballpark traveler for the Colorado Rockies game. We are seated in section 327, row 3, seats 9-10. It appears based on what I could read that we are closer to home but on the first-base side.

From there, I then attend four straight games going solo. May 21 takes me to Seattle, I will meet a friend for an early dinner, then it is on to Safeco. For the Mariners game, I am seated in section 331, row 8, seat 15. From what I can read, it appears I am closer to home plate or about half-way between home and third-base. Someone confirm for me on this one?

May 22, on to Milwaukee. For the Brewers game, I am seated in section 218, row 3, seat 13. From what I can read, I am right behind the plate, maybe just a hair to the first-base side.

May 23, on to Cleveland and for the Indians game that night, I am seated in section 454, row b, seat 20. It appears from what I read that I am closer to home plate on the third-base side.

May 24, down to Cincinnati. For the Reds game, I am in section 419, row G, seat 7. I believe I am closer to home though high up, but I am not clear based on what I have read as to my seat location. Help on this one is much appreciated.

Friday May 25, for the final time I join a couple for the game. I’ll be in Pittsburgh that night and for the Pirates game, our seats are in section 316 row P, seats 19-21.

From there, my final three games traveling solo take me to Miami and Chicago. May 26 at the marlins game, I am seated on what is called the Vista Level at the new Marlins Park. I am in section 314, row 1, seat 7. Am I near home plate in this case, I am not sure. From what little I can figure out, I am thinking I am between home and third-base.

May 27-28 the final two games are in Chicago. May 27 is at the White Sox, where I am seated in section 530, row 5, seat 3 and it appears that here, I am pretty much behind home plate, not sure if I am a tad off to the third or first-base side.

Finally on May 28 for the Cubs game, I am seated in section 220-2, row 7, seat 4 at Wrigley Field. It looks like I am right behind the plate here as well, maybe a tad off to the first-base side?

The team pages are not real clear as to just where in the ballpark the seats are, so I used a group of sites that discuss the seating options at the various ballparks to help me get a feel for where I am seated. Since all ballparks number their sections differently, more than any they go from right field corner to left field corner with the section numbers increasing, but some number with the lowest section in the left field corner working around the other direction. There are also a couple of stadiums, that number like a street block, all even numbers on one side and odd on the other.

Feedback from my readers and those who see the video clip will be much appreciated.


Hey Reg, Begonias from Ichiro here. My apologies if this is a double post, but I had trouble logging in, so I’ll try a second time.

For the Giants game, you’ll be a bit closer to home than to first, but you’ll be so high up it won’t matter :-). I won’t know until the last minute if I am going to that game, but if I do end up going, I’ll be sure to stop by and say hi. Prepare for cold weather that night.

Your A’s seat is directly behind home plate on the second deck.

Your May 1st seats for the Braves game are outstanding. If home plate were the center of a clock, you would be between 4 and 5 o’clock. Turner Field is situated where the sun sets directly behind 3rd base from the perspective of the right fielder. Most seats past first base and all the way around to centerfield have the hot Georgia sun barring down on them until about the 3rd inning for a 7pm game. Being on the 16th row, I am not certain whether you will be under the overhang from the club level above you. I hope you have a great time. Maybe one of the Dingmore kids will snag a foul ball.

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