Minor but Helpful Change on 2014 MLB Schedule

IN recent years, MLB purposely scheduled all teams to have the “squeeze week” where they play a pair of two game sets and a three game set all at the same time. IN 2014, MLB made a smart move by making the squeeze weeks independent of one another to a degree. The squeeze week series will again be the home and away rivalry series as was done in 2013, but instead of having all 15 series at the same time Monday through Tuesday at one ballpark and then shifting to another for a Wednesday and Thursday set, these series are more smartly built into the schedule as it works for the teams involved. Now, a look at the rivalry series and in some cases, the mythical rivalry series that are used to fill out this small part of 2014 on the MLB schedule.

The first three series are scheduled May 5-8, Rangers v Rockies, Blue Jays v Phillies, and White Sox V Cubs. In all three matchups, the National League team is home May 5-6, then the series will switch to the American League team for the games of May 7-8.

The next series from May 12-15 is the Subway Series, the Yankees are home the first two nights on May 12-13, before the series shifts to the Mets home field for games on May 14-15.

Over Memorial Day week, only one home and home series is scheduled, whereas all 15 were done this way in 2013 during the same time frame. The Red Sox and Braves play Memorial Day and Tuesday in Atlanta, May 26-27 on the calendar, before moving to Boston for games May 28-29.

Three more series, the sixth through eighth overall for this particular format are scheduled the following week June 2-5. The matchups are Royals V Cardinals, Rays V Marlins, and Twins V Brewers. All three National League teams will be at home for the June 2-3 games, switching to the American League teams as the host on June 4-5.

The next week June 9-12 features a series between the Astros and Diamondbacks. The June 9-10 games are at Arizona, June 11-12 at Houston.

June 16-19 is the yearly occurring series between the Mariners and padres. The June 16-17 games are in Seattle, June 18-19 in San Diego. Perhaps MLB will decide some time to mix and match these teams as well, given the flip from one season to the next as the Rangers and Astros switched opposition between the Rockies and Diamondbacks.

July 7-10 brings two more of these home and away series, Orioles V Nationals and Athletics V Giants. Washington and Oakland are the home teams July 7-8, Baltimore and San Francisco July 9-10.

The remaining three series, Angels V Dodgers, Reds V Indians, and Pirates V Tigers are scheduled after the All Star break.

Two of these series, the Ohio Cup and Freeway Series are scheduled august 4-7. The Dodgers and Indians are home August 4-5, the Reds and Angels play host August 6-7.

The Pirates and Tigers are the last teams to play their squeeze week home and home series. It is scheduled the following week August 11-14, with Pittsburgh the home club August 11-12, before the series moves to Detroit august 13-14.

All other interleague series will be scheduled throughout the season with AL West teams facing opposition from the NL East, while the AL Central squares off against the NL West and the AL East meets the NL Central. As was done in 2013, all teams will have a pair of three-game home series against two teams, a pair of three-game road series against two more teams, while playing a fifth team in a home and away arrangement, two games at each ballpark.

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