Candidates for Future All Star Games in Major League Baseball, 2016-2030

Believe it or not, most of the new ballparks built since the 1990’s have now hosted All Star games. Baseball should not reward a city a game just because it built a new park at tax payer expense with no real assistance from MLB itself.

Here now, a look at the candidates for the next several years of All Star Baseball, keeping in mind that Cincinnati will host in 2015.

Assuming the AL/NL rotation remains, for 2016, believe it or not the Tampa Bay Rays would and should be in line to host. Their AL East rivals have all hosted within the last 22 years, Toronto (1991), Baltimore (1993), Boston (1999), and the Yankees (2008). All teams in the AL Central have hosted games in just a 17 year period, Cleveland (1997), Chicago White Sox (2003), Detroit (2005), Kansas city (2012), and Minnesota this year. IN the AL West, Houston hosted as an NL franchise in 2004, while the Angels hosted in 2010 and the Mariners in 2001. The Rangers hosted in 1995 and the Athletics in 1987, the longest drought for any AL franchise that previously hosted the game.

Meanwhile, the NL has more candidates to host future games. The Marlins originally had the 2000 game before it got moved to Atlanta, Miami would be a natural and obvious choice in 2017, 2019, or 2021. The Washington Nationals have not yet hosted the annual game and last did so as the Montreal Expos way back in 1982, the longest drought for any existing MLB team that previously hosted the game. The Phillies have not hosted the game in their new ballpark either, but the franchise did have the game in 1996. the Pirates though did have the game twice in a 13 year period between 1994-2006 at their two stadiums, so a return to Philly is certainly reasonable. The Mets obviously just hosted in 2013 and as mentioned before, Atlanta hosted in 2000. IN addition to Washington and Miami, the Cubs are the only NL Central team to have gone more than 20 years without the game, the Cardinals 2009, Pirates 2006 and Brewers 2002 all hosted the game more recently, the Cubs last hosted in 1990. Finally out in the NL West, the Dodgers shockingly are overdue to host the game which has not been played in Dodger Stadium since I started watching baseball in 1986, it was 1980 when the game was in Los Angeles. the Padres last hosted in 1992 and thus the same case can be made for San Diego that I argued for Philadelphia. The Rockies last hosted in 1998, the Giants in 2007 and the Diamondbacks in 2011.

So with that in mind, now I present the cities that should next host the midsummer classic.

2016, Tropicana Field. Say what you will about it as a venue, but it was built in the late ’80s and was state of the art at the time.

2017, Dodger Stadium. The return to Los Angeles after 37 years seems only proper.

2018, Oriole Park at Camden Yards. NO other 1990’s retro park should host the game a second time until it is played here.

2019, Marlins Park. New stadium deserves the game within the next five years.

2020, Arlington, TX. The Ballpark of several names in its history is another one of the AL favorites and a game here is always enjoyable.

2021, Petco Park. San Diego has gone longer than Philadelphia without the game, so it is only right to go here first.

2022, Cleveland. It will have been 25 years since the last game in this great ballpark.

2023, Philadelphia. At this point, it would have been 27 years since the 1996 game and this would put the game in every new NL park outside DC.

2024, new Yankee Stadium. 16 years after the game in the old stadium and 11since the game in Queens, a return to the new place is only natural.

2025, Washington. Nationals franchise would have game sooner if not for return to Baltimore and long line of NL parks that needed to host the game.

2026, Athletics. OK so they may be gone from Oakland by then, maybe they have a new park in Oakland or somewhere in northern California. It would return the game to the franchise after a 39 year wait.

2027, Wrigley Field. It deserves one more game if it is still here, 37 years after 1990 tilt.

2028, Boston. Is Fenway still in operation? If so, it deserves the game one last time after a 29 year wait.

2029, Colorado. Coors Field is another one of the great parks, it would have been 31 years since the 1998 game.

2030, Toronto. It would have been 39 years by this time since the Jays hosted the 1991 game.

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