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A life long Texas resident, I fell in love
with baseball at age 13, in the spring of 1986. that year,
the baseball stars in Texas were in almost perfect, yet
unforeseen alignment. The Houston Astros and Texas Rangers
were both very competitive in their divisions, and Texas
A&M won the Southwest Conference baseball tournament over
Baylor, after Texas was shockingly dismissed on a rainy
weekend in College Station. Your writer brings a unique
perspective to baseball, that of a blind fan. There is
nothing like being able to listen to the game on the radio,
judge what is happening based on crowd reaction, and sitting
in the stands enjoying the smell of popcorn, fresh cut grass,
and hotdogs. Did I forget to mention the crack of the bat and
pop of the catchers mit? There is much about baseball that is
so unique, every game has a very unique patchwork of finely
woven details that interconnect to form the final act when
the last pitch is thrown. No two gameds are exactly alike, no
two sequence of events exactly the same. Baseball games are
unique because of their artistic qualities, so many
variations on how you want to try and ultimately accomplish
the same goal of winning the game. I bring that love for
baseball to you as I now resume writing on this blog, what
had been a forgotten project I started one night thre years
ago, before it was interrupted by graduate school, thyroid
cancer, and now the joys of life after finishing my masters
degree. The inspiration for my blog title is from the late
Mark Holtz, the former Texas Rangers radio and TV
broadcaster. It was Holtz who would always say in a voice of
excitement, “hello Win Column!”, after every Rangers victory.
IN a 1986 game in late May, Texas was doing better than most
had expected, and on a dramatic base hit, beat the Red Sox at
old Arlington Stadium, one of the first Ranger games I heard
on the radio. Holtz said with great joy, “Rangers
Win….Hello First Place!”. Holtz and Astros hall of Fame
announcers Gene Elston and Milo Hamilton. who were in their
second and final year together as broadcasters for the club,
hooked me on the great game. Enjoy my updates and comments on
anything and everything baseball. I’ll cover current events,
but also offer views on a variety of things, the theme in it
all of course, baseball. Today, while Texas is still home,
life has a way of taking you in new directions. I work in
higher education in the student services area at a community
college, but anticipate a future relocation because of my
wonderful all be it long distance relationship, which I enjoy
daily with a lovely school teacher named Lorna. Send me an
email with any comments or questions. There will be a lot
coming from me, as I intend to make this a nearly daily part
of my activities.

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